Five Things We Are Learning from the Virus

This virus has taken a toll on our world. We have not seen anything like this in the world in 100 years. While many can argue death rates of many other things being higher or more dangerous, one thing we cannot ignore—COVID-19 has effectively stopped the world. For a moment. So…in this moment, what have we learned?

  1. We are flexible. As people and as employers, when faced with a global crisis such as COVID-19, we have found that we will do whatever it takes to maintain some sense of normalcy. We are able to move mountains to keep our jobs, our education, and even some sense of entertainment (new movies on demand, restaurants doing carryout only, free exercise videos everywhere). We do what it takes to keep going.
  2. We can work remotely. Many employers have said that remote working was impossible, yet, we have found this to not be the case. World pandemic = work from home in a non-essential environment. We have set up everything from dining rooms to hallways to kid’s rooms as our temporary office spaces. Many office supply centers are overwhelmed with the orders for desks, lamps, and general supplies. We CAN work remotely.
  3. We are all essential. Even when we are not on the front lines, it is essential that we keep working, keep educating, keep learning, keep growing. Insurance companies, software companies, IT companies…all are essential behind the scenes to keep things moving forward while our nurses, teachers, grocery workers and restaurant workers are putting their lives on the line for us. We need to keep going.
  4. We need each other. Our country has come together unlike anything we have seen since the horrific tragedies surrounding 911. We are more courteous. We are concerned for everyone. We give more. We forgive more. We love more. We have found that we will do what it takes to work together well and to help each other through this difficult time. No matter what it takes, we have found allies in each other across all lines that we would not have crossed a few months ago, when life was “normal”.
  5. We are resourceful. When push comes to shove, we are creatively doing what we have to do to make things work. Grocery shopping for seniors and immune-compromised at special times. Providing meals via restaurants or gift cards. Tapping into our creative sides to ensure we have side gigs if we need them. Learning “new” software and allowing it into our homes like never before (think Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc). We create reasons to have zoom calls and spend time together with others outside of our homes. Spending the time to re-acquaint ourselves with a time we have left behind…and to embrace ourselves for the future.