Home Automation

Home Automation

A simplistic and improved remote experience now exists through an all-in-one home modification – Home Automation. With home automation it creates the same effect as a remote accessible device, but uses via intelligent linking technology. You can remotely control your programmable thermostat, lights, security systems, garage doors, sprinklers, TVs, home audio systems, DVRs and kitchen appliances from anywhere in the world just by an easy internet connection.

Integrated Systems

Millennium Sounds creates a system integrator that features state-of-the-art audio, video, lighting, communications and control equipment into both new and existing construction projects. Specializing in residential homes and small to medium size commercial projects, Millennium Sounds brings the experience with a look that awes an audience.

Centralized Control

Take hold of your design by choosing a control system that provides products and services intended to increase comfort levels, security enhancements, and efficiency within commercial buildings and home priorities.

By collaborating practical application through technology and experience by applying today’s complex and advanced products as first-class solutions for any building operations or advancements.

Lighting Control

Experiencing entertainment at its fullest sets the stage with lighting control. Investing in lighting for home entertainment presents an innovating ambiance for the audience. Many light commercial audio systems allow value to establish new standards for quality and substitutes as a creative marketing tool. Products vary from polished looks covering open-ceiling, in-ceiling, surface-mounts, outdoor and sound-focusing applications. An affordable control system illuminates space and unlocks your imagination and creativity, giving you the ability to animate your lighting and audio approach.

Distributed Audio/Video

Most homes have multiple audio/video sources throughout the house. A DVR in the living room, an HD Box in the den, a DVD player in the family room, or a computer loaded with video in the office, etc. Whole house audio/video distribution can be an easy way in getting quality cable television connected to all the televisions in the house. It involves proper wiring of the entire audio/video distribution system of the house.

The process involves three steps: collecting all the signals/reception in one area, amplifying these signals and finally, distributing these signals to their desired destinations. There are many options in this electronic area some of those include; analog audio, composite video and HD Video (with optional HD-6) distribution analog audio and composite video distribution, HD Video Switcher and many more. All of these whole house distributions offer different sources and outputs – giving you the ability to amplify, control, and program your video lifestyle.


We work with the very best technicians and computer enhancements to make sure your home installation is up-to-date in the latest technology. Surround yourself in HDTV, without the irritation of mounting TV’s, or antenna work for HD reception. We also offer Dish network installation with audio/video wiring and distribution. We can design and connect home theater systems as well as installing wireless WiFi networks. If you are looking for highly experienced specialists Millennium Sounds can deliver top solutions for any install. We carefully train our technicians on the following:

  • Computer networks (both wired and WiFi wireless)
  • Telephone set-up
  • Cable and satellite TV
  • Media servers
  • Video and audio distribution
  • Security cameras
  • iPod docks

Motorized Blinds and Shades

Use the perfect touch of moderation by renovating your ideal space with a movement of indoor luxury.Motorized remote control blinds and window shades offer the simplicity with push-button technology.

A great addition for hard to reach areas and window customization. Choose from a selection of motorized window coverings like motorized commercial mini blinds, all custom made to order.

Options may vary but are not limited to:

  • Power light with the push of a button
  • Remote opens, closes and tilt slats available
  • Great for hard to reach areas and heights
  • Luxurious and accessible operation
  • Add motorization to most products