Audio Visual Technology Pop Quiz: Home Edition

How you answer these five Audio Visual Technology Home questions might determine how you think about your current and future home environment, and whether or not you believe you need some upgrades.  Regardless of your score, we think you might pick one! 


How is Audio Visual and Smart Technology improving your current office space? Your answers to these five questions might determine the future of your workplace and workforce…

Partners vs. On Call

In today’s world, everyone wants to sell you something. This is true, regardless of the industry, the economy, or your role within. Question is, how does this relate to you as a partner vs. being “on call”, and what’s the difference between the two? Let’s look at five differences between true business partnerships and “vendor relationships”.

Five Things We Are Learning from the Virus

This virus has taken a toll on our world. We have not seen anything like this in the world in 100 years. While many can argue death rates of many other things being higher or more dangerous, one thing we cannot ignore—COVID-19 has effectively stopped the world. For a moment. So…in this moment, what have we learned?

Five Items Your Conference Room Must Have

The whiteboard of old has undergone a makeover. Introducing (in case you were unaware), the interactive whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard keeps companies connected and helps with brainstorming, creating workflows, or sharing ideas with on and off-site counterparts.