Motor District Projector

February, 2024

This month's featured project is one of the garage condos at Motor District!  Our team has been working at the Motor District Garage Condos and we just finished another project recently. 

Bark Lobby TV

January, 2024

This month's featured project is Barkefeller's Westfield!  Barkefeller's is a family owned and operated upscale pet resort and spa.

Ozwell Fitness Building

December, 2023

This month's featured project is Ozwell Fitness!   Ozwell is an elevated wellness studio that combines fitness and recovery into a seamless experience. 

Marie Gabriel Building

November, 2023

This month's featured project is Marie Gabriel Bridal!   Family owned and operated, Marie Gabriel Bridal is a world class bridal store located in Indianapolis.

BPI Outdoor Living

October, 2023

Learn more about our partner, BPI Outdoor Living!  BPI Outdoor Living and Millennium Sounds have been partners since earlier this year. 

Cedia Expo Logo

September, 2023

Our team had a blast at CEDIA EXPO 2023!  CEDIA was held in Denver this year and our team had a great time at the expo and learned about a ton of new products coming later this year!

Racing For Firefly

August, 2023

Join us at our new showroom on August 9th from 4:30 - 7:00 PM.  We are excited to be hosting another fundraiser for Firefly Children & Family Alliance this year.

BPI Outdoor Living

May, 2023

We are excited to announce our partnership with BPI Outdoor Living!   Our partnership with BPI Outdoor Living will help to expand the audio / visual offerings to their clients.

New Vendor SVS

April, 2023

SVS is the newest vendor for Millennium Sounds!   We have added SVS as a vendor to further expand our options for our customers.

New Project Proscenium

March, 2023

This month's featured project is Proscenium!  A few project highlights include the Full Swing Sports Simulator, the Newline Trutouch Interactive Display, and the Direct View LED Wall.